Arizona, Nevada Hunts - Mule Deer, Elk, Antelope, Bighorn Sheep, Turkey, Predator, Javelina

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SilverGrand Outfitters

Silver Grand Outfitters only guides a limited number of hunts each year. All hunts are 1-on-1, and Bruce will be your personal guide. You won't be disappointed with Bruce's in-depth knowledge of both Nevada and Arizona. Interested parties must be able to fully appreciate the grandeur of big country on equal terms with the magnificence of big game animals and further, to have the willingness and fortitude to withstand the rigors of a true out West experience. Hunters with a keen sense of humor and without a tape measure a plus.

The Hunt:

While in the field, you can expect to hunt via spot and stalk, from tree stands, or ground blinds. The terrain depends partly on the unit and your physical ability and where the game has been located prior to your hunt. Our travel in the field is by 4X4 vehicles, ATV's and the soles of our boots.

Elk Hunts:

The most exciting of all hunts ... the sounds of the bull elk's bugle will send chills up your spine. Without a doubt, two of the best limited draw trophy elk states are Nevada and Arizona for sheer numbers of quality bull elk. As owner of SilverGrand Outfitters, I have been fortunate to have hunted and guided in the best units in both states. Archery hunts are favored for the excitement stated above. A close second would be the Nevada general bull elk hunt and glassing up a big bull bedded in a sunny snow covered basin is sure to get your heart pounding.
In Nevada there are only a few "Bugle Hunts"/mid Sept-Oct. for the serious elk hunter. For this reason ALL favor the Archery and Muzzleloader elk hunts. For a chance at a bugling bull elk. After having success with SilverGrand Outfitters, you will be on the sidelines for a 7 year wait before being able to apply again. Make the most of Your elk hunt opportunities ... call, apply and draw!!!
Arizona is an "Elk Factory", and for the once in a "Life Time" hunt the Early Bull Elk hunts are the coveted tags ALL want. Offered in centerfire and muzzleloader hunts. Great "Rut Dates" in late September. Arizona manages these hunts well, rotating the hunts from different units each year, as not to hurt the quality that Arizona is known for. All the archery elk hunts in mid-September offer the archer a good chance at a "Big Bull Elk", as ALL UNITS have them and draw odds are not that bad in most units other than unit 9, 10, & 23. For a good elk hunt for a branch antlered bull, the general elk hunts in November are the easiest to draw. Units 5B & 6A have many tags. Apply here with a chance to draw the 1st year out.

Deer Hunts

Nevada and Arizona have great trophy mule deer hunts. Both states are limited draw and have a bonus point draw system in place. As a Master Guide licence holder,you can apply with Me in the Nv. Restricted N.R. Guided Deer Hunt 1235. Excellent chances to draw. 1-4 bonus points can draw great deer hunt in Nevada. Last two seasons in this restricted draw, clients draw odds have been 60-83% in big buck units. The general draw in April offers the N.R. applicant far less % to draw these rifle only hunts. Don't wait 10-12 years to draw the best mule deer hunt in Nevada in the general draw. Call SilverGrand and apply in the Outfitter Draw and hunt mule deer more often in this "Special Draw". With statewide "Guide Authorization", we hunt trophy mule deer everywhere they can be found.
Other favored Nevada deer hunts are Sept. and Nov. Muzzleloader hunts. The "Big Boys" are still of summer pastures up high and during this September hunt, bachelor groups of bucks are seen during this mild weather "Smokepole Hunt". SilverGrand Outfitters can/will pattern these trophy bucks and make your Nevada deer hunt something always to remember. The late November muzzleloader deer hunts offer a true rut hunt, with big bucks chased by BIGGER BUCKS. Add a little help from Mother Nature, and you can hunt rutting mule deer bucks in the SilverState.
In Arizona, for deer I only guide the best areas....Arizona Strip and the Famous Kaibab Plateau hunts. Call before and after applications, I can help you be successful in the "Draw and Afield". Speaking here to N.R. applicants, did you know that Arizona doesn't guarantee tags to N.R. applicants??? Arizona Game & Fish Dept. draw system says "No more than 10% may go to N.R. applicants" ... huge difference. NEW in 2016, now ALL non resident applicants have a chance to draw the Premium deer and elk tags where in past years only those with MAX Bonus Points could. A slim chance to draw beats NO CHANCE EVER!!! Apply, APPLY for these tags. Call Silver Grand Outfitters before apps deadline, (Mid JUNE) for important advise on "HOW TO"??? For other very good to possibly Great N.Rim deer hunts The Kaibab (12AW & 12AE early hunts can be drawn. Plenty of tags here, but ... add early snows and "OH MY", these October hunts can still produce opportunities at the quality of bucks the "Kaibab" is known for. No more needs to be said about the late November hunts on the famous "Kaibab Plateau", a chance at a "Booner Buck" awaits the LUCKY tagholder.
As stated earlier, I only guide and hunt the best deer units in Arizona. Now let's talk about the best, most likely the most coveted public lands deer tag in the Western states. The ARIZONA STRIP ... unit 13B. With only an estimated 2000 head of mule deer spread out over 3200 square miles and maybe an even larger area, it's easy to see why the bucks can mature and grow. Add great genetics and limit the tags allotted each year and you have the reason why THEY are there. Don't be fooled though, it's still called hunting, and the "Big Bucks" are not behind every tree!!! Hunt dates are usually in early - mid November, with weather rut activity will be on. Don't wish for to much weather as the primitive roads in this unit can very quickly become impassable and several days of the season can be lost. Draw the tag, add a little luck, book with SilverGrand Outfitters and then you will see why this tag in 13B is the most coveted mule deer hunt on public lands, ANYWHERE!!!

Antelope Hunts

Let SilverGrand Outfitters help you put that trophy on your wall. Offering guided hunts in Nevada and Arizona. Both states offer the hunter an opportunity at taking a "Booner Buck". In Nevada, SilverGrand Outfitters has done very well in the any legal weapon hunts and archery antelope hunts for our clients. For an archery hunter, this hunt is very, very exciting. Hunt out of blinds by waterholes, and view these beautiful bucks up close. SilverGrand Outfitters will scout, find and build your blind. Close 20-30 yard shots are possible and can be expected. Draw odds are very good for the archery hunts, with some hunts drawn with 0 bonus points in Nevada.
This Outfitter in Arizona has done very well in both the general antelope and muzzleloader antelope hunts, where by the way "Scopes" are legal on "Smokepoles". Draw odds much better if applying for these primitive weapons hunts, i.e. archery and muzzleloader. Apply, apply and after you draw, call and we can go hunt "Lopes in Arizona".

Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunts

Operating out of Henderson, Nevada, I am very privileged to be very close to some of the best desert sheep units in Nevada and N.W. Arizona (Region 3). For this reason, more days are spent in the field scouting for the best ram for you. These sheep hunts are very demanding and physical but rewarding hunts. Be in shape and enjoy this hunt opportunity. "The Sheep are on the Mountain" waiting for you and I, this November and December.

Spring Hunts

Nevada has Turkeys? I here that comment quite often. The fact is most N.R. hunters do not know about this Spring hunt in Nevada! Add the popularity of the U.S. TURKEY SLAM and hunters are in need of this turkey hunt. The tags are limited draw, apply in January, odds are very good to draw and hunt Rio Grande gobblers. Hunt dates are GREAT and the "Toms" will come to a decoy in "Full Strut", yelp, yelp, yelp --- in Arizona, again attention U.S.TURKEY SLAM hunters, Merriam gobblers are what we hunt from the North Kaibab to the Coconino National Forest. Silver Grand Outfitters has had great success for clients. A good time of the year to be in the Forest. Lots of Fun! Apply in October, hunt following April and then use purchased Arizona hunt license to apply for all Fall AZ big game hunts, a great value.

Predator/Coyote Hunts

Nevada has some great calling opportunities for the predator hunters. January, February and March are the months to call "Doubles" while hunting coyotes. Best yet, you don't need a license. I only call during daylight hours, so as to add to the "Excitement", to see these hunters come to the call, sometimes "Very Close". For sure when this happens the adrenaline rush will be there. Coyote calling, where "THE HUNTER BECOMES THE HUNTED!!!"

Javelina Hunts

January and February are the months to be in sunny Arizona to hunt these "Desert Porkers". We offer guided hunts for archery, H.A.M. (handgun, archery or muzzleloader) and general (rifle) javelina hunts. Shot opportunities and success are high on these fun spring time hunts. The hunts are limited draw for tags, and odds are good to be drawn. Then use your Arizona license to apply for the fall hunts. A win, win proposition in Arizona.

Hunt Rates/All Inclusive: 1x1

Bull Elk$5550.007 Day Hunts
Buck Deer$5150.006 Day Hunts
Buck Antelope$2950.004 Day Hunts
Cow Elk$2450.004 Day Hunts
Nelson (Desert) Bighorn$7450.0010 Day Hunts
California Bighorn$7850.0010 Day Hunts
AZ/NV Spring Turkey$2150.004 Day Hunts
AZ Spring Javelina$1950.004 Day Hunts
AZ Jan. Archery Deer/Javelina Combo$3950.005 Day Hunts (Non Permit Tags) These tags may be purchased over the counter at AZGFD or licensed dealers.
Upland Birds$550.001 Day Hunt - Multiple days can be booked. Hunt behind "Pudel Pointer" hunt dogs. Close up shots for "WILD BIRDS". Chukar and Quail.
Predator$550.001 Day Hunt - Multiple days can be booked. Where the hunters become "THE HUNTED".

Applications & Deadlines:

Call for help filling out applications in Nevada and Arizona. Both states have different (Do and Don'ts). Do not waste your dollars, time, or a chance of drawing a "coveted" tag, or at least obtaining another bonus/loyalty point. Let this OUTFITTER assist you, not some "Apps Service" that know little about your hunt needs and wants ??? As always, at SilverGrand Outfitters this most important service is FREE, and just a phone call, or e-mail away. Also, Nevada has Landowner tags for elk, deer and antelope available if you do not draw in the general draw. At this time, Arizona has no landowner tags for any big game hunts.

Nevada Restricted N.R. Guided Deer Hunt (1235)Mid-March
Nevada Deer, Elk, Antelope & SheepMid-April
Arizona Antelope & ElkFebruary
Arizona Deer & SheepJune
Arizona Spring Turkey & JavelinaOctober


Camp Accommodations:

Most camp sites are as close to the game as possible, in new camp trailers with "All the Amenities". When the need arises, wall tents will be used. Arrive at our/your camp with everything in place for a comfortable, memorable hunt experience. You will need to arrive in camp with personal needs, sleeping bag, weapon (sighted in), ammo, proper tag and a signed hunt license. As stated earlier, you will be the only tag holder in camp, but --- if you and your partner/spouse/child draw tags together, we can arrange this hunt per your request. Also bring along a non-hunter, again per your request with a modest fee to be added.

Airport Pickup:
Silver Grand Outfitters also offers FREE airport pickup and delivery if you are flying into McCarren Airport (LAS) in Las Vegas. Though not included as part of the hunt, you may find it enjoyable to stay extra days and enjoy the town. "WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS, STAYS IN VEGAS" ---

Contact Information:

  Bruce Hudson
  SilverGrand Outfitters
  1268 Seminole Lane
  Henderson, NV. 89015
  (702) 743-8389
  Licensed in "ALL" of Nevada and Arizona
  with Special Use Permits in place.


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