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Wilderness Outfitter Productions

Wilderness Outfitter Productions a.k.a. WildOutPro we share your passion for Big Game hunting and offer these services. We offer affordable guided hunting services with options to have your dream hunt professionally videoed.

Our guides like getting away from the roads and into the back-country. We encourage hunters to come in fit condition and ready for the rigors of hunting in elevations from 5,000 to 8,500 feet. Most of our NM hunts will be spot and stalk style hunting. Youth hunters will enjoy our family friendly guides and learn important back-country skills. Our guides model upstanding Christian morals, sound ethics and behaviors with the hunter's safety of paramount importance.

God bless you and your family,

Derek Martin


While many hunters visit New Mexico in search of bighorn sheep, there are other types of similar game that you can find throughout the state as well. The ibex is a great example. Ibex is a wild goat species that you should absolutely consider hunting if you visit New Mexico. There is a large population of ibex in the southern part of the state, and if you work with the right guide service you will be sure to find them. At Wilderness Outfitter Productions, we can provide you with the guided ibex hunts.
We have extensive experience locating ibex and helping hunters bag them during our guided hunts. When you schedule a hunt with us, we will show you all the ins and outs of the land and assist you in finding the ibex you’re looking for. You should try hunting ibex at least once in your life as they are incredible animals that will present a unique challenge for you.
As with most of the other big game in New Mexico, you will need to apply to hunt ibex before you set out on your trip. Once your application is accepted, we can tell you more about our hunts and the options that re available to you. We’ll make sure you have the time of your life by providing you with everything you need for a successful ibex hunt. From leading the way during your hunt to filming the experience so you can watch it later, you’ll love hunting for ibex with our talented team of guides.
To schedule a guided ibex hunt with Wilderness Outfitter Productions, call us at (505)330-9776 today.

Semi-Guided (2 days) - $2,000

Fully Guided (5 days) - $4,500



Our guides are experienced and have established certifications above the NM state qualifications. In effort to level up progress toward a profession in Guiding and outdoor adventures we have Highly Qualified, Professional and Master Guide credentials. All Guides featured have 3 yrs minimum taking care of Hunters for WildOutPro!
Level 1 Highly Qualified Guide: (First Aid/CPR with guide certification, Leave no trace, background check) 1-3 years experience
Level 2 Professional Guide: (Level 1 certifications plus additional certifications: Wilderness responder/EMT,Hunter Education instructor, etc) 3-5 years experience with several client referrals
Level 3 Master Guide: Established client list with additional level 2 certifications plus 5 years or more of experience

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Derek Martin
Tel: (505) 330-9776
Farmington, New Mexico USA


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