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Rough Country Outfitters

With great enthusiasm, we share your interest in Wyoming's great outdoors!As fourth generation Wyoming natives, enjoying Wyoming's back- country and big game hunting has long been a family tradition. Outfitting isn't just a job for us, it's a way of life. We are full-time, professional outfitters and we enjoy sharing our life-style and expertise with others.

Since 1979, “Rough Country Outfitters and Guides, LLC”, has had a reputation for providing quality hunts and memorable experiences, respected by sportsmen as well as fellow outfitters across the country. After hundreds of successful hunts and many thousands of hours spent in the field, our knowledge of Wyoming's big game and the outfitting business is unsurpassed in the industry. We understand the personal efforts and details that go into a good hunt and do everything in our ability to see that our guests have a safe, successful, and enjoyable experience with us. We attribute our success to enthusiasm, professional attitudes, knowledgeable guides, fine camp accommodations, and excellent hunting areas with well managed game herds. Our success is reflected in a 75 percent return rate of past hunters. We take a great deal of pride in our record of happy, successful hunters as they are our biggest asset.
“Rough Country Outfitters” is an honest, hard-working outfit that strives to provide the highest quality hunts and western experiences available in the Rocky Mountain West. Our goal is to send every hunter home with great memories and the Wyoming trophy of his or her dreams. After reading our information, we encourage you to give us a phone call to personally discuss any questions you may have about our services. It would be our sincere pleasure to outfit your next hunt in Big Wonderful Wyoming!

100% Fair Chase, No Wolves, No Grizzlies!

Since 1979, Rough Country Outfitters and Guides, has offered a variety of top quality, 100% fair chase hunts on our large, private ranch properties throughout Central and Eastern Wyoming! We lease the exclusive hunting rights to nearly 200,000 acres of exceptional private land habitats, providing safe haven for healthy populations of Rocky Mountain Elk, Whitetail and Mule Deer, Antelope, Black Bear and Turkey!
Due to the vast areas and the wide variety of prime habitat that we control, we are able to accommodate virtually any hunter’s physical abilities and individual interests for a successful hunt! We have gentler terrain well suited for less active hunter needing an easier hunt, as well as rougher terrain to challenge even the most physically fit, hardcore hunter! Whether you are a rifle or bow-hunter, we have the right hunt to suit your needs! Our success is well documented with literally hundreds and hundreds of happy hunters from across the nation! The bottom line: Our well managed properties hold excellent big game populations with fantastic trophy animals! Best of all, we get to enjoy Wyoming at it’s finest! Spectacular, wide open spaces and beautiful mountain vistas in every direction, no high fences here! And thankfully, we have no Wolves or Grizzly Bears impacting the game herds on our private ranches!

Rough Country Outfitters and Guides and their hunters have long been a consistent award winning outfit among the Wyoming Outfitter’s Association / Safari Club Internationals, trophy awards competition, for the finest trophies taken by outfitted hunters throughout Wyoming each year! We would be pleased to add your name to our long list of happy, successful hunters! After reviewing our information, please feel free to contact us at any time to further discuss any questions you may have about our services.

We provide unequaled, 100% fair chase hunting opportunities to a limited number of discriminating hunters each year! Our goal is to provide our guests with a first class hunt and memorable experience! Every detail for a successful hunt is considered, from our top quality professional guides, to our comfortable camp accommodations and excellent meals, to hunting the best big game areas available. Rough Country Outfitters offers a wide variety of packages to suit any hunter's budget and desires. Our fully outfitted hunts include delicious, all-you-can eat meals, lodging, field transportation, professional guide service, and field care of your meat and trophies. Hunts are available from your choice of several exclusive Private ranch leases! Our hunts are usually arranged with two hunters per one professional guide however, exclusive one hunter per one guide service is available for an additional fee. Our groups are kept small to insure a top quality, personalized hunting experience. And to really round out your total vacation experience with us, we include varmint or predator hunting and/or fishing, where available, at no extra charge!

Exclusive Private Ranches

Our highly successful private land hunts for Elk, Mule Deer, White-tailed Deer, Antelope, Spring Black Bear and Merriam’s Turkey, are conducted on several well managed private ranches totaling nearly 200,000 acres. We have "exclusive" hunting privileges on these ranches and consistently produce success rates of 75 to 100 percent on quality trophies. Our ranch hunts offer a non-competitive personal touch while enjoying very high game populations. Depending on the game hunted, the terrain ranges from agricultural lands, brushy creek bottoms, rolling prairie and sagebrush foothills, to pine and aspen covered mountains, rim-rocks and canyons. Due to the vast areas and wide variety of terrain that we control, we are able to accommodate virtually any hunter's physical abilities and individual interests, for a great hunt of their choice. Elevations range from 4,500 to 9,500 above sea level. Most hunting is done by accessing remote areas of the ranch with 4X4 vehicles, then glassing, spotting and stalking on foot. Accommodations vary on different hunts from deluxe wall tent camps, cabins or bunkhouses, to lodges or modern motel facilities. Husband and wife teams, as well as physically challenged hunters, are always welcome! Please ask for lodging and accommodation details on specific hunts.

Antelope Hunts

Limited Entry, Trophy Antelope

Our trophy antelope hunts take place on several large, exclusive private ranches in South Central Wyoming! These incredible “speed goats” of the prairie offer a fast paced, exciting hunting opportunity, sure to please any hunter! Rifle or bow-hunter, we have the hunt for you! Our private ranch hunts are conducted on several large, working cattle ranches totaling nearly 200,000 acres! We have exclusive hunting rights to these properties for our hunting clients only! That means that our antelope are not “running wild and crazy” like the antelope you find in most heavily hunted areas! Our ranches support an amazing resident population of 1200 to 1500, un-pressured antelope, making it totally common-place to look over many excellent, mature bucks each day! Due to our vast areas and wide variety of habitat that we control, we are able to accommodate virtually any hunter’s physical abilities and individual interests for a successful archery or rifle hunt for trophy pronghorn!
Most commonly, our antelope hunts, both archery and rifle are accomplished by accessing areas of our ranches with 4x4 vehicles, then glassing, spotting and stalking. Bow-hunters may also choose to hunt from ground blinds at waterholes if preferred. We boast one of the highest success rates in the industry, with our spot-and-stock archery antelope hunts, at 100% shooting opportunities with over 90% harvest success! Rifle hunts are typically always 100% successful! These exciting hunts with high success rates are made possible by our well managed antelope herds, experienced guides, excellent habitat and stalk-able terrain! We hunt mature bucks that typically average 13 to 15 inches or better, with good mass, curl and prongs! Our hunter’s trophy bucks generally will have Boone and Crockett scores averaging in the mid 70’s, with many trophies scoring in the high 70’s and low 80’s every year!
Although preference points are helpful, they are not absolutely necessary to draw a tag! Antelope licenses are readily drawn for our hunting areas! If you are planning to hunt antelope in Wyoming in the future, we strongly recommend buying preference points in advance to guarantee yourself a tag! As an added bonus, trophy antelope may be hunted in combination with most of our trophy mule deer or elk hunts. Depending on the hunt chosen, accommodations can vary from deluxe wall tent camps or cozy bunk-houses, to a spacious modern log lodge or local hotels. Please contact us for specific details about various hunts, dates and details!

Sept. 1 - Oct. 30, $2,950.00 add $750.00 for 1 on 1 guide (2 to 6 preference points required)

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We are a fair chase, high success outfit!

We are an honest, hard working outfit, but make no guarantees related to hunt success! We have no control over season closures or adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow, heat and drought, floods or wildfires that Mother Nature may impose on us! Nor do we have any control over a hunter's physical conditioning or shooting abilities! However, we do guarantee to do everything within our control to see that our guests have a safe, successful, and memorable experience while hunting with Rough Country Outfitters and Guides! We believe that hunting success is a great reward for good planning, reasonable preparation and serious efforts by all involved! A little bit of “Lady Luck” doesn’t hurt anything either!
We suggest each hunter recognize the importance of proper physical conditioning for his or her chosen hunt and get in the best shape possible. Also, know your weapon. Make sure it is properly sighted in and practice shooting from different yardages and positions. The hunter that is prepared physically and knows his weapon well will generally have a more enjoyable and successful experience, and it could mean the difference between a once-in-a-lifetime trophy or a terrible disappointment. Whether you are a rifle or archery hunter, if you should wound an animal, RCO will do everything within our power and control to help you recover your game. In the unlikely event that we do not recover the wounded animal, due to our controlled harvest and managment policies, your license would be considered "filled" and your hunt for that species would be concluded. As a final note, we suggest that our hunters come mentally prepared with a good sportsmanlike attitude and a sincere desire to hunt. And remember, the success of a hunt shouldn't be measured by the size of a trophy head alone, but rather by the total experience.

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