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Montana Hunting Co.

Professional Big Game Hunts

Montana Hunting Company specializes in fair chase trophy hunting of Rocky Mountain Elk, Mule Deer, White-tailed Deer and Antelope. We strictly adhere to the North American Model of Wildlife Management.
Bison hunts are conducted on enormous expanses of private ranches and are as fair chase as possible.
Montana Hunting Company currently outfits on 15 different ranches throughout Montana.
Our over-arching management goal is to help each ranch achieve its potential in game management, be it diversity of game animals, size of males or optimum sex and age ratios. We do this by keeping harvest records that include cementum analysis of age, Boone and Crockett scores and phenotypical data. In some instances, we also collect fall age and sex data along with winter population data. All of this information is analyzed annually to determine harvest strategies for the coming season. We believe that animals should be mature when they are hunted and harvested, regardless of Boone & Crockett scores.

Pronghorn Antelope Hunts

Antelope hunts are conducted during the general Montana Antelope season. Though primarily a rifle hunt, archery equipment may be used on these hunts. Hunts are conducted on a large tract of land, to ensure lots of antelope and trophy quality. 13" to 14" antelope bucks can be expected, with some larger bucks a great possibility.
Montana Antelope tags are issued through a drawing process. Applications for the Antelope drawing are due by June 1st, of every year.

Season: October through November

Ranches & Pricing

**Future pricing is subject to change**
**Though we don't anticipate a price change, hunters booking future hunts may encounter a price change**

The Winnecook/Muir Ranch

Combined, the Winnecook and Muir Ranches contain 75,000 acres in central Montana. The properties sit just a few miles east of Harlowtown, Montana. Native grasslands in the broken prairie, make up this Antelope rich hunting area.
Antelope are very huntable in the broken draws and hills of the properties. Water holes can make this a decent archery hunt, if the area hasn't received too much moisture in the fall. 2019 produced some outstanding caliber bucks, with a couple pushing the 80" mark. Typically the bucks on these properties are 13" to 14" and somewhere in the mid to high 60's B&C score.
Hunters stay in a furnished home on the ranch, but are responsible for bringing and cooking their own meals.

Rifle only: $1,450 - 4x1
Hunt Duration: 3 Days

About Us

Rob Arnaud, President and Outfitter for Montana Hunting Company, is a fourth generation Montanan who grew up in Manhattan, Montana. He earned an animal science degree from Montana State University in 1980 and became a private land manager for many years prior to starting Arnaud Outfitting, which became Montana Hunting Company with partner Jim Doran. Rob has incorporated wildlife management principals into properties leased by Montana Hunting Company. He's past president of Montana Outfitters and Guides Association and currently is on the MT Board of Outfitters. Besides being a professional guide and outfitter, Rob takes as many personal hunts as he can!

Since forming Arnaud Outfitting, Inc. in 1996, Rob has contracted the wildlife management and outfitting with the Flying D as well as several other properties in Montana, California, Colorado, and Wyoming. In January of 2011, Arnaud Outfitting combined the big game and bison hunting under the name of Montana Hunting Company.
The success of our hunting company is four fold: The superb hunting properties, hospitality of the land owners, our professional staff, and our loyal customers who have supported us for years. Thank you to all.

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Mission Statement

Montana Hunting Company strives to be the best in the hunting industry, providing outstanding guide service and customer care to our clients all the while representing our great landowners; sound wildlife management principals are practiced to ensure harvesting the oldest age class of trophies possible.

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265 Timberline Dr
Bozeman, MT 59718
406-585-9051 • Email
Rob Arnaud, Outfitter • MT#176 • WY# BG-271


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