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Roberts Ranch

The Best Hunting in Florida

Roberts Ranch is the ultimate hunting destination in Florida. We specialize in whitetail, but we also hunt hogs, turkey, and exotic animal. We are located in northeast Florida, 60 miles South of Jacksonville, in Putnam County. We have 11,000 acres of planted pines, oak hammocks, and hardwood creek bottoms. 7000 acres are enclosed by an 8 foot high game fence.
We have managed the property extensively for the past 15 years, and we have put premium genetics into the preserve to create the best hunting experience in Florida. We have been the top deer breeder in the state and have produced the biggest whitetails in Florida for the past 10 years. We also do European style pheasant hunts that everyone loves to attend!


Our day hunts are fully guided. They include your food, lodging, trophy fee, skinning, caping and field dressing of your trophy. The day hunt includes lodging for 3 days and 2 nights, and includes lunch and dinner. We have a large amount of game for our day hunters to enjoy. Whitetail deer, hogs , pheasant and exotics (trophy axis, black buck, and red stag) are hunted on the ranch. A professional guide will help you throughout your entire hunt, and we are sure to answer any questions you might have.
When you come to do a hunt with us, all you need to bring is your rifle, camo, and cooler. If you shoot at an animal and we visually identify blood, then that will be your harvest regardless of whether the animal is found or not. Our hunts are guaranteed. If you don’t have an opportunity to shoot an animal, then we will get refund you with no additional fee. We ask all hunters to be courteous to both our guides and cook by tipping them after the hunt. Hunters generally tip their guides $200 per animal and tip the cook $50.
If you would like to do a day hunt with us, give me a call immediately because space is limited. If we do have availability, a deposit for half down is required to secure your spot. After we receive your deposit, we will work with you to find the best dates. We offer a total of 20 whitetail hunts and 20 exotic hunts throughout the season, so don’t miss your chance to hunt with us!

Hog Hunting

We offer hog hunts out of a stand or we also have a select number of hog hunts with dogs depending on which way you want to hunt. Hunting hogs out of a stand makes a hunter be more patent but also allows a hunter to take his time and make a good shot. Hunting hogs with dogs is a more social type hunt and will be more fast pace but more exciting. Everyone loves all our hog hunts and you won’t have a better time anywhere else. We have the best prices and best lodging for your stay. Email us by clicking the contact us button if you are interested in doing a hog hunt with us. We have very few spots open for hog hunts so check with us to see if we have a spot open. Come shoot a Giant Trophy Piney Woods Rooter up to 400+ lbs for $750. Click Here to view some of the Hogs that have been taken at the ranch.

$750 Total Cost for a Trophy Hog (2 Day 1 night hunt) $500 Total Cost for a Meat Hog (1 Day Hunt)

All Trophy Hunts Include:

The only additional cost is what you want to tip your guide!


Wild hog

Year-round by all legal rifles, shotguns, muzzleloaders, crossbows, bows and pistols.  Hunting license not required. Wild hogs also may be trapped but cannot be transported alive without permit from the Florida Dept. of Agriculture at 850-410-0900. (D)

Bag Limit: No Limits

Once hunter arrives we will need to collect all money at that time (Cash Only). There are a limited number of Roberts Ranch hog hunts available each year. Once they are all booked up, we will be booking for the next available hog hunts we are able to arrange.

Hunting Memberships

Roberts Ranch Southside Hunting Club – 7,000 Acre hunting club enclosed by a 8 foot high game fence. Premium genetic deer released onto the property with only 18 members allowed. Click here to see more details along with the rules and regulations.

We only allow 18 members to be part of the most elite Florida hunting club in the state. Annual memberships include hunting on all 7000 acres year round. Members are allowed to shoot 3 mature Whitetail Bucks yearly for family memberships, and 4 mature Whitetail Bucks a year for Family memberships plus 1 buck. All members are allowed to shoot Trophy Boar Hogs and Trophy Osceola Turkey in their respective seasons. We have over 30 food plots planted yearly and over 30 tree stands and feeders that are maintained year round for members use. Hunting the property is on a first come first serve basis, where the member comes and pens up their location he or she will be hunting for that morning or afternoon. When the member gets back in from hunting he or she is required to take down their pen until they go hunting the next morning or afternoon. Once you are a member you have the option to buy into the Blackbuck and Axis herd roaming the 7,000 acres to be able to hunt. Our membership for our south side is $10,000 so call today to see if we have a spot open for you. Click Here if you want to see some pics of some of the bucks harvested.

Roberts Ranch Northside Hunting Club – 4,000 Acre low fence hunting club. Native Florida deer with 30 members allowed. Click here to see more details along with the rules and regulations.

For booking information contact:

Joe Roberts at 386-937-1208

Email: jroberts@robertsranch.com

Address: 625 State Road 100, Palatka, FL 32177


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