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777 Ranch

777 Ranch Inc

Hunting at 777 Ranch 

The 777 Ranch has been the premier hunting ranch in the United States for 50 years. Since Jeff Rann, African Dangerous Game Professional Hunter, acquired the 777 Ranch, he has made it his goal to bring a bit of Africa to Texas. The dedication and experience of over 50 years as a hunter and wildlife conservationist that he brings to the 777 Ranch has elevated its legendary reputation; that cannot be equaled anywhere. 777 Ranch sits on the edge of the Texas Hill Country in South Texas, the home of the famed South Texas Whitetail. This region has one of the highest natural protein habitats in the United States. This Wahia bush of South Texas can be compared to the Acacia bush of Southern Africa and is the secret of the natural horn growth for the 777 Ranch’s browsers.

From the moment you arrive at 777 Ranch, you’re paired with one of the most talented, knowledgeable, and friendly guides in the country. Your guide accompanies you throughout your adventure, combining their expertise and passion to make your adventure dreams come true. At no other ranch will you receive the personalized, individualized guiding like 777 Ranch offers.

777 Ranch Exotic Hunting

The African Experience, with Texas Style! The 777 Ranch has one of the largest herds of exotic game animals found in North America. Featuring over 60 species of exotic game animals, the 777 Ranch offers numerous options for the hunter in everyone. Our ranch is the world leader in exotic breeding programs, with the goal of being a self-sustaining ranch. While other game ranches offer limited availability of exotic animals, at the 777 Ranch we pride ourselves on breeding sizable herds of each species making for a hunting experience that can be tailored to the client’s needs.

               HORNED EXOTICS                                                                                                                         ANTLERED EXOTICS

Addax $6,500 Himalayan Tahr $5,000
Alpine Ibex $20,000 Hog Deer $3,500
American Bison Bull $8,500 Impala $5,500
American Bison Cow N/A Iranian Red Sheep $3,000
Aoudad Ram $3,000 Kudu $10,000
Arabian Oryx $6,500 Markhor $12,500
Armenian Mouflon $2,750 Muntjac $3,500
Axis Buck $3,000 Nile Lechwe $12,500
Axis Doe $500 Nilgai $4,500
Barasingha $4,500 Nubian Ibex $12,000
Blackbuck $3,000 Nyala $10,000
Blesbok $5,500 Pere David’s Deer $7,500
Bongo $35,000 Red Stag Deer $1,500-$15,000
Cape Buffalo $50,000 Roan $15,000
Catalina Goat $750 Rusa Deer $3,500
Common Lechwe $6,000 Sable $12,500
Corsican Ram $3,000 Scimitar Horned Oryx $5,000
Dama Gazelle $8,500 Springbok $5,000
Dybowski Sika $5,000 Sika Deer $2,750
Eland $6,500 Sitatunga $10,000
Eld’s Deer $7,500 Texas Dall Ram $3,000
Elk Bull $7,500 Thomson Gazelle $6,500
European Mouflon $3,500 Transcaspian Urial Ram $10,000
Fallow Buck $5,000 Waterbuck $5,000
Fallow Doe $400 Water Buffalo Bull $4,500
Four Horn Ram $3,000 Water Buffalo Cow $1,250
Gemsbok $6,500 Wildebeest $5,000
Grant’s Gazelle $7,500 Yak $7,500
Hawaiian Black Ram $3,000 Zebra $4,000

A minimum of a 3 day/2 night trip is recommended on all exotic hunts.
Daily rates include meals, lodging, and guide.
Check in is 1 pm the first day of your trip and check out is 11 am the last day.
Caping/skinning, processing of meat, shipping, and taxidermy are not included in the trophy fee.
Recommended calibers: .270, 7mm, .30-06, and .300
Wounded game determined by guide is charged same as kill.

777 Ranch Whitetail Deer Hunting

One of the greatest draws to Texas hunting has always been the White-tailed deer. At the 777 Ranch we are proud to offer pure-bred South Texas Whitetails. We continue to be at the forefront of breeding programs through the selective breeding of genetically superior South Texas bucks and does. The 777 Ranch boasts a breeding program free of northern genetics and true to the natural breeding process.


Native Whitetail Deer
2 Nights 3 Days
This includes any deer outside of our normal Whitetail pasture.

Includes any Buck scoring up to 139 7/8″
2 Nights 3 Days

Includes 1 buck up to 149 7/8”
2 Nights 3 Days

Includes 1 buck up to 159 7/8″
2 Nights 3 Days

Includes: 2 Nights 3 Days, All Meals, Beverages, Open Bar in the Evening, Guided Hunting, Fishing (Catch & Release) and Whitetail Buck of your Package

Choice, skinning and caping fees. Staff gratuities are optional
Additional animals can be hunted at regular trophy rate.

Whitetail Deer Daily Fees

Single Occupancy (One on One Guided Hunting) – $400 *
Double Occupancy (Two on One Guided Hunting) – $300 *
* The Daily Rate includes: Lodging, meals, beverages, open bar in the evenings, Guided Hunting, Fishing, Touring
Note – 2 Night stay required for Hunting packages

Whitetail Deer Trophy Fees

Up to 139 7/8” – $2,500
140-149 7/8” – $3,750
150-159 7/8” – $5,000

All deer up to 159 7 /8″ are package priced. Daily rates, skinning & caping fees are not included on 160″ deer and up

Whitetail Deer Trophy Fees continued …

160-169 7/8” – $6,000
170-179 7/8” – $7,500
180-189 7/8” – $9,500
190” -199 7/8 – $11,500
200” and over – $13,000

Score is measured Gross Boone & Crockett
Any drop tine goes to the next price bracket. If over 200″ add $2,500
* packages include 3 days/2nights daily rates, skinning & caping fees, guide, all meals, and open bar in the evenings
* staff gratuities are optional

777 Ranch Elk Hunting


(830) 426-3476

777 Ranch Red Deer Hunting

The Red Deer is one of the largest deer species. The red deer inhabits most of Europe, the Caucasus Mountains region, Asia Minor, Iran, parts of western Asia, and central Asia. The male (stag or hart) red deer is typically 175 to 250 cm (69 to 98 in) long and weighs 160 to 240 kg (350 to 530 lb); the female (hind) is 160 to 210 cm (63 to 83 in) long and weighs 120 to 170 kg (260 to 370 lb). The tail adds another 12 to 19 cm (4.7 to 7.5 in) and shoulder height is about 95 to 130 cm (37 to 51 in).[8] In Scotland, stags average 201 cm (79 in) in head-and-body length and 122 cm (48 in) high at the shoulder and females average 180 cm (71 in) long and 114 cm (45 in) tall. Only the stags have antlers, which start growing in the spring and are shed each year, usually at the end of winter. Antlers typically measure 71 cm (28 in) in total length and weigh 1 kg (2.2 lb), although large ones can grow to 115 cm (45 in) and weigh 5 kg (11 lb)


Dove Hunting at 777 Ranch

September in South Texas welcomes waves of dove and hunters as Dove season opens! The 777 Ranch is the perfect place for hunters both new to the fields and those with a great deal of experience under their belts. All hunts are guided and include great food and a good time! Groups from 2 to 50 can enjoy the 777 Ranch Dove hunting experience!

Dove Overnight

$350.00 per Person per Night
Includes meals, one night’s lodging, open bar, guide, bird processing, PM dove hunt, and AM bass fishing.
Arrival 1 pm—Departure 11 am

Dove Afternoon

$150.00 per Person per Afternoon ( minimum 5 people )
Includes guided hunt and bird processing, plus a steak dinner with beer after hunt. Times established verbally.

Fishing at 777 Ranch

What do Hank Parker, Keith Warren, Babe Winkelman, Gary Morris, and Cajun Phil Broussard have in common? Other than being the hosts of some of America’s most popular TV fishing shows, they all have featured the 777 Ranch on their shows!

One of the most sought after sport fish in America is the Largemouth Bass and nowhere in North America is there a more exciting place to experience fishing than at the 777 Ranch.

777 Ranch welcomes you to a “Sportsman’s Paradise” by offering Largemouth Bass fishing! Beginners to record holders can enjoy a guided fishing experience complete with a safari-style tour of the ranch. We offer multiple fishing spots including both lakes and ponds. 777 Ranch is the place to be for your next fishing excursion. We are sure to offer you the excitement of setting the hook on your next beautiful, largemouth bass!

Fishing Fees

Fish Overnight

$350.00 per Person per night

Fish Full Day

$300.00 per Fisherman Minimum of two people

Fish Half Day

$225.00 per Fisherman Minimum of two people

Package includes all meals, and one night’s lodging.
Arrival 1 pm—Departure 11 am
Fishing available year round. Catch and release only.


About the Owner: The Man and the Legend

Picture a man that has been mauled by a Leopard and attacked by a Buffalo. A man that holds many SCI  records and has been a Professional Hunter for over 42 years, and a man that has successfully tracked and recovered more animals than many hunters have ever laid eyes on. Meet Jeff Rann.

Jeff, the owner of the legendary 777 Ranch, is a man who truly lives for the hunt. He will stop at nothing to ensure that his clients get what they came for. He is driven by adrenaline and thrives on the adventure of the hunt. He has had the privilege of hunting with Kings, Presidents, Generals, movie stars,  rock stars, and world-leading businessmen. He also produced The African Adventure Video series and the first video with Peter Hathaway Capstick. Jeff cut his teeth on dangerous game hunting on the Dark  Continent and made quite a name for himself in the process. According to him, “Sharing a dangerous game experience with someone creates a bond that can last a lifetime”

Jeff has had the 777 under his regime since 2002 and has only grown the tradition. To-date, the ranch has more record book entries than any other outfitter in the world in its 50 years of existence. To make things more interesting, the ranch has also been the filming destination of choice for many Hollywood producers with movies such as Ace Ventura Pet Detective – When Nature Calls and most recently, Syriana, staring: George Clooney and Matt Damon. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of hunting with Jeff Rann at the 777, you owe it to yourself to book a trip. Your next adventure awaits!

777 Ranch

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